What One Should Know About SIG MCX Virtus Pistol?

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SIG MCX Virtus Pistol: The SIG Sauer MCX debuted in its particular shape in 2015 and became up to date to its present day form (2019) due to the fact the MCX Virtus. Presently the MCX is offered in five.56x45mm and 300BLK with SIG and some dealers and providers teasing a 7.62×39 chambering destined for the monetary market. a few additives and aren’t interchangeable a few of the precise MCX line and the extra moderen MCX Virtus, so make certain to check your configuratiaccessories earlier

Shopping decision

Built in particular for the 300BLK and to be run suppressed, the MCX’s brief stroke fueloline piston operation with person-Selectable fueloline settings permits the shooter to configure their platform for supersonic or subsonic ammunition in 300BLK Or weaker rounds in five.56mm.

Specs accessories:  

SIG MCX Virtus Pistol

Running gadget

Quick Stroke fuel Piston


Five.56 NATO

WEIGHT (oz):

Five.5 lb (2.five kg) – 6.four lb (2.9 kg)

mag kind:


One of the primary questiaccessories that arise at the same time as a shooter begins offevolved looking at the MCX is “how is this Rifle/carbine/pistol one in all a type from my AR-15”. the solution relies upon on wherein you’re searching. Plenty of the decrease Receiver is derived from the AR platform: the mag properly accepts cutting-edge AR-15/M16 magazines, the mag release and protection  Selector (albeit ambidextrous) is withinside the equal vicinity, the purpose organisation and pins are designed for AR-15

Triggers and grips are interchangeable. Notice but, now no longer all AR-15 triggers are properly matched with the MCX. Here’s a small plug for SIG’s elements Picker: using stay exploded diagrams and a components listing, proprietors can effortlessly Order alternative additives. Be aware, however, that some additives indexed may additionally require a licensed Armored for replacement. it is an extremely good useful resource, but you need to apprehend your barriers.

From the outside, the SIG MCX Virtus Pistol appears loads like most carbines available in the market these days.

But, transferring in the direction of the rear of the firearm, there’s an apparent lack of a buffer tube, buffer and buffer spring that May usually be discovered on an AR-15. as an alternative, the SIG MCX uses pull away springs round manual rods which are Tied into the bolt provider to feature the movement. An running rod linked to the draw back spring meeting makes touch with the piston that lives withinside the fueloline block to cycle the motion at some point of the firing collection. And of direction the

Charging address doesn’t need a fueloline tube/fueloline key cutout, so it isn’t constantly interchangeable with the AR-15

SIG MCX Virtus Pistol Device.

On occasion it’s the little topics in lifestyles that make the difference. The MCX uses replaceable roll pins as a Mating ground for the charging address, preventing excessive placed on on the pinnacle receiver. And there are one-of-a-kind smaller key info that are crucial that we’ll touch on later. The MCX competencies a Firing Pin Lock now not discovered at the AR-15 platform that stops the firing pin from moving Ahead and developing a slam-hearthplace situation with clean primers on occasion observed in non-NATO spec

Ammo. You’ll additionally observe that the bolt issuer is half of the scale of a state-of-the-art AR-15 bolt company, this means that it’s approximately 1/2 of the load. One of the hallmarks of the MCX machine is a restricted amount of reciprocating mass, making for a controllable and mild recoiling weapon.The barrel assembly is designed to be replaced/upgraded via way of means of the stop man or woman with the usage of a T-27 Torx bit and a Torque wrench. Even as many AR -15 proprietors efficaciously exchange barrels on their guns, that level of change have to Really be executed through way of method of an armorer or gunsmith to save you issues with head spacing and wrong Set up. MCX barrels are head spaced on the producing unit at least 3 instances, putting off the need for bypass/no bypass


The SIG MCX Virtus Pistol’s fueloline block isn’t constantly meant to get replaced at even the armorer level. Barrels are shipped as a whole device with a fueloline block pinned into place and a piston and fueloline valve hooked up. Glaringly, longer barrels and considered one of a type calibers could require considered one of a type fueloline port sizes and fueloline block places. To make right touch with the Op Rod withinside the carriage meeting, the length of pistadd-ons will vary. Take a have a take a Observe the lower barrel and piston  withinside the diagram beneath in evaluation to the barrel on top. The  fueloline block is moved ahead and the piston is longer for the five.56mm in desire to a fueloline block that is toward The receiver and a shorter piston for the 300BLK barrel.

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