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Nosler introduces its personal line of premium Rifle Brass in the form of top rate instances bearing the Nosler headstamp. Nosler top class Rifle Brass is prepped and weight-sorted for max accuracy and consistency capacity. those brass casings also function chamfered case mouths, deburred flash holes, and they are sized and equipped to load.

  • Top rate cases bearing the Nosler headstamp
  • Prepped and weight-looked after for accuracy
  • Chamfered case mouths, deburred flash holes
  • Sized and prepared to load

Nosler bulk brass became created for high-quantity handloaders that need Nosler excellent brass, but don’t need it to be prepped. Nosler bulk brass is product of the identical materials and to the same tolerances as Nosler’s prepped, boxed brass, however instead of being prepped, and weight looked after, Nosler Bulk brass is bagged raw in 250ct. luggage to offer you with the nice uncooked substances for growing your best load. Brass should be complete-length sized and trimmed to period before loading.  

  • Unprepped, uncooked Brass
  • Nosler Headstamp
  • Non Weight taken care of
  • 250 ct. Bulk Packaging

Each piece of brass bears the “Nosler” headstamp and is synthetic below the corporation’s strict philosophy of “first-rate first.” With uncompromising attention to detail, each spherical of NoslerCustom cartridge brass is made to particular dimensional standards and tolerances the usage of top-grade substances to maximise accuracy, consistency and enhance case life. Flash holes are deburred, necks are deburred and chamfered, followed by way of the equal rigorous exceptional controls that Nosler bullets have experienced for 63 years. For brass, which means each piece is hand-inspected, weight-taken care of after which packaged in containers of 25, 50 or 100 completely prepared and prepared to load.

A few calibers are available to important order – minimal quantities observe to big order it – these can be indexed if relevant Nosler custom Brass turned into evolved to complement their line of custom bullets. each lot is weight-taken care of to offer consistent measurements and capacities for accurate loads and functions a Nosler head-stamp. before cargo, Nosler chamfers and deburrs the case mouths and deburrs the flash hollow. fully prepped and prepared to load upon receipt, every piece of brass offers consistency in trimmed duration and neck wall thickness. This brass is new and unprimed. This isn’t loaded ammunition.

  • fully prepped and equipped to load
    • Weight-taken care of for accuracy
    • Chamfered case mouths, deburred flash holes

Nosler Brass online introduces its own line of custom brass inside the form of top class cases bearing the Nosler headstamp. Nosler custom™ brass is prepped and weight-looked after for maximum accuracy and consistency ability. It also functions chamfered case mouths, deburred flash holes, and is derived sized and geared up to load.

Be aware: 50 according to container (besides: .26 Nosler, .28 Nosler, .30 Nosler, .30-378 Weatherby, .three hundred WSM, .300 RUM, .325 WSM, .338 Lapua, .350 Rem. magazine., and 7mm STW are 25 in keeping with field).

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